Victoria's Story

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Here are a few pictures of Victoria in the hospital just after her Fontan operation (April - May, 1996) (click the image to get the full-colour, full-size version):

This was my bed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at CHEO. (205kB)
During my first weekend out of ICU (4 days after the Fontan), I had a visitor. I wasn't feeling that great. Does it show? (214kB)
That same weekend, I had a visit from two of my best friends. I like them more than the clown and I think one of them really likes me! (258kB)
This is me with my Mommy and my Gramma (Mommy is the one who looks like she's sleeping). (234kB)
Here I am on the day that I came home from CHEO. I'm sitting with my roomie who also had a "heart job" there. (197kB)

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